State of shock

As you get older and supposedly wiser you consider all the things in life that one day will inevitably happen to you – however unpleasant they might seem. Well one of those days has seemingly arrived for me.

Today, my Dad was diagnosed as having liver cancer. That in itself was an almighty shock for me, but just to compound matters further – he also has a tumour on his bowel and spots on his lungs.

The doctor said that we should know the full extent of the cancer by the end of the week, when the specialists have had time to analyse all of the scans. The wait will seem like an eternity.

The news has really come as a bolt out of the blue for everyone and it really hasn’t even began to sink in to be honest. I’m just numb with the news.

I don’t usually blog about things as serious as this, but I just felt the need to let out some of my feelings and share them.