Swansea v Derby County

Feeling somewhat down, fed up, disillusioned with life in general and being miffed at the Swans following the Palace showing, it was with great reluctance that I went to the game tonight.

With the beauty of hindsight I’m now actually glad that I did go along – for several reasons.  Perhaps most importantly it gave me the opportunity to see most of the Dieters Bar Jacks and ‘deal’ with the obvious and well intentioned condolences about my Dad.

The other reason was that it was another step forward in terms of returning to some kind of normal routine in my life – not that it can be rushed given the circumstances – but it was a step in the right direction all the same.

As for the football well I’m glad to say that the Swans returned to at least some kind of the form they started the season in and despite the end result being a disappointing draw, it was an improvement on Saturday – which was the main thing.

Personally I felt Derby offered very little even after going a goal up and if the Swans had shown more quality in the final 3rd then there’s no doubt the result would have been radically different!  As a result we had to settle for the Swans coming from behind and equalising thanks to a well taken goal from Ashely Williams.  Oh what we’d given for a reaction like that last Saturday!