How long?

Despite it being a bitterly cold day – due primarily to the strong easterly wind – I ventured out of the house for a long walk and then a long run.

The walk was an great opportunity for me to push baby DDWT in the pram for the best part of three miles, whilst Mrs DDWT and DDWT Junior maked some cakes for Halloween at home.  It was lovely to be out and about on such a chilly winter morning, with the wind swirling the multi-coloured autumnal leaves around us as we made our way along the Swansea Valley canal.

After returning from the walk – which took us around an hour and twenty minutes – my inner conscience gave me the urge to go out for a run, especially as I hadn’t been since Monday!  So within the space of half an hour I was back out and about again – safe in the knowledge of knowing how cold it was though.  No running vest this time I can tell you!

I battled my way along a 4.6 mile course in 41 minutes 23 seconds – which from what I can recall is both the furthest and longest I’ve been out running for what must be the best part of 10 or 12 months!!!  How time has flown and oh how my standards have dropped.

Having said that I’m pleased just to be putting the effort in at the moment and am going some way to achieving the mini-goals which I have set myself pre-Christmas.  All things considered, I think I’m doing pretty well to date 🙂