45 minutes!

45 minutes 32 seconds – that’s how long I was out running for today.  I still can’t believe it and I MUST make a point of finding out when last ran for that amount of time or distance (5 miles).

Perhaps most bizarrely of all was the fact that I actually phsically felt like going for longer which is rare to say the least – especially of late.  No doubt if I had carried out I’d have paid for it, so I took the sensible option (probably!).

Mrs DDWT even commented on how I wasn’t as red in the face as usual!  It has to be noted that I’ve ALWAYS been like a beetroot after running even in my primary school days, as opposed to being naturally unfit 🙂

I’d now like to try and sustain this time and distance over a few training sessions over the next couple of weeks and see how things go from there.

But to say I’m chuffed with my progress to date would be a massive understatement.