Katherine Jenkins' Drugs Revelation

Poor old Katherine Jenkins.  How difficult it must have been for this talented multi-millionaire songstress to come clean and reveal to the tabloids that she’d done various drugs in her pre-stardom days.   Grown men and women have leapt to her defence and expressed admiration for her having the strength to come clean.

Oh come off it.  I mean really, how hard could it have been for her.  She’s well liked (as the public/media reaction illustrates) and financially secure (having recently been awarded a £6 million pound recording contract). 

Can you imagine the outcry if a lesser known/squeaky clean personality had come out about their past misdemeanours. Need I say more?

Of course there is the issue of Christmas being just 51 days away and a certain ‘Sacred Arias‘ album having been released just a couple of weeks ago – so it couldn’t be one massive marketing and media push by her agent could it?

Nah, our Katherine is too nice for that.  Surely.