Keeping up

Finally got to catch up with coach today for a lunchtime run and was soon being put through my paces – as per usual! It was more a case of keeping up than catching up I can assure you.

The wind blowing in off Swansea Bay was strong to say the least and it made harder work of the 5 mile run than I’d experienced over the last couple of weeks. Couple that with what felt like an increased pace and I was certainly feeling leg weary over the last half mile or so.

My time of 44 minutes 22 seconds was a wee bit quicker than my last effort which considering the conditions I was more than pleased with, even if I did feel ‘shot’ at the end of it.

I did joke this afternoon that my legs felt like jelly – which in all honesty they did – but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel satisfied by how taut they felt due to the recent mileage I’ve been putting in.

Who knows, one day I might even fulfil one of my lifetime ambitions and run a marathon!