Swansea v Coventry City

It was as much in anticipation as hope that I ventured to the Liberty stadium today hoping to see the Swans break their 6 game drawing streak, but alas it was not to be and they ended up with draw number 7.

Cover picture of Swans v Coventry match programme

Despite the blank scoreline the game itself was an interesting affair with the Swans (as usual) dominating from start to finish without showing that killer touch (again).  Personally I felt Coventry offered very little in any department (other than defence) and a great ability to waste time – which was disappointing considering they were managed by an ex-Swan in Chris Coleman.

It also appears that this sort of ploy is now becoming the norm for visiting teams with most this season – with the exception of Forest, Brum, Southampton and Wolves (from what I can remember!).

The majority of the team played well today – with the back 4 outstanding all game, giving the usually lively trio of Freddie Eastwood, Michael Misfud (later replaced by Leon Best) and Clinton Morrison only 2 chances all game.  Having talked about our defensive display, I still don’t feel that Dorus DeVries is the man for the sticks at the moment.  Is lack of command in the area and at claiming crosses is alarmingly inconsistent – unlike the assured displays we saw from Dimitri Konstantopolus in Dorus’s absence.

Still I’m happy with our current position of 10th in the Champioship table and I definately see the glass being half full, rather than half empty.