No more turkey

Five days on from the first serving of turkey breast and we have finally (thankfully!) finished the last few strands of the big bird.  Never again will I purchase such a mammoth bird – so big it almost didn’t fit in the oven – as if I ate any more of the darn thing I swear I’d go down with turkey poisoning.

Apart from Christmas dinner, we had turkey sanwiches (spinach, salad, etc varities), turket toasties and turkey curry – arguably the nicest of the lot, apart from it’s intended Christmas dinner usage of course.

Looking on the bright side, at least that’s it for now, well until next Christmas anyway.

It’s in part thanks to my over indulgence of the turkey – not to mention the trimmings – that I’ve found my running being somewhat hard work during the last few days – or at least that’s how it feels!  I felt decidedly iffy after my 56 minute 16 second workout today.  Mind you if could also have been the fact that the distance of approximately six and a half miles was the most I’d done for a heck of a long time.