My longest run

We finally got our garage back to normal after I jammed the car full with all the Christmas and New Year cardboard, plastics, cartoons, surplus clothes and headed off to the local civic amenity site.

It really is amazing how much packaging accumulates over a 2 week period and judging by the number of people at the site, I was far from being the only one who felt that way!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see so many people using the civic amenity sites across the country, but I do wonder how much fuel, etc is being used/wasted and the environmental effect by having so many people transport their own waste to such sites.

Begs the question why the manufacturers and/or supermarkets don’t do something about the packaging materials they use at source – rather than pass it on to the customer.  But hey, that’ll cost them money and cut into profits so that ain’t gonna happen is it.  Cynical aren’t I.

On a more positive note, I went for my first run of 2009 today and was over the moon with my ‘achievement’.  The run of 72 minutes 31 seconds was the longest continous run I have EVER done in my life and at the same time the distance of approximately 8 miles is the longest continous distance I’ve ever done.

Despite feeling leg weary at the end of it, to say I was chuffed was an undertstatement!  Whilst I know it’s no mean feat really for a 37 year old man – given how many OAPs run the London Marathon, etc – it still means a heck of a lot to me personally.

Maybe my dream of running a marathon one day isn’t such a pie in the sky idea after all 🙂