Back to work

I decided to go back to work today and break myself back into work mode gently rather than face a full on onslaught on Monday morning!

Thankfully the plan seemed to work as I managed to get the usual pleasantries out of the way and clear most of my stock piled Christmas/New Year emails.  So hopefully come Monday things should be more relaxed – which is always a nice thought when it’s your first full week back.

No doubt I’ve just put the mockers on it now though…..

As I was in work it also meant back to having a lunchtime run along Swansea Bay and my word what a run I had today!  Somehow I managed to set myself a new personal best time of 41 minute 6 second run for my regular 5 mile run.

I was all the more surprised by my time as despite having put the miles in over Christmas I personally felt that the intensity was missing.  I was also feeling physically tired and the bitterly cold wind made for rather uncomfortable conditions.  Still I’m chuffed to bits and am now more eager than ever to try and nail a sub-40 minute time!

Continuing with my recent spate of watching films, tonight was the turn of ”Ghost Town‘ starring Ricky Gervais.  It reminded me a lot of ‘Ghost‘ but without the gorgeous Demi Moore and was considerably more funny in a way that only Ricky G could carry off.  Not great but well worth watching, especially if you like/loath dentists 😉