Valentines Gift Ideas

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day.  A day when all hopes of love and romance are heightened, only to be thwarted with an onslaught of tacky toys and materialistic junk that collects in our attics, before being taken to a car boot sale 8 years on.  A day of sulking, presents, proposals and high expectations.

Every girl dreams of something special for Valentine’s Day. Diamonds perhaps?  A lovely meal? A romantic poem that could very well have been written by Byron himself, yet written by your partners own fair hand…? Every guy dreams of, well, getting laid thanks to his efforts of bringing home a cuddly toy devil and box of Chocolate Fingers.

Valentine’s Day is in fact homage to a bishop by the name of Valentine.  Whilst the Pagans were happily putting girls names into a box and drawing one out for each man to have sexy time with for a year, Valentine decided it was high time that people should be allowed to get married.  Idiot.  Under the blanket of night…or just a blanket, people would tippy-toe up to his church to be wed, so that they could be together forever.  When Emperor Claudius II found out about all this marriage rubbish, he had Valentine tortured and slung into jail before being beheaded.  Valentine apparently took a fancy to the jailers blind daughter, magically restoring her site and leaving her a farewell note signed ‘From Your Valentine.’

Thus a day of lushy red hearts and Eskimo kisses was born, to strike depression into the hearts of every singleton on Earth.  If it wasn’t for Valentine, we could have been celebrating a day of sexual liberation and still been picking names out of hats, much like people do with car keys at parties.

So what are you going to do this year?  Go all out with the champers and jewellery after a private jet ride to the Bahamas?  The credit crunch is affecting all of us and we can’t even get those cuddly devils from Woolworths anymore!  With a tight budget and a little creativity you could have the best Valentine’s Day yet!  Show you care with a little bit of help from Find Me a Gift.

Why not start the day off with breakfast in bed?  Freshly squeezed orange juice, fried egg and a toasted bacon sandwich may sound basic, but by using something like the Mood Message Toast, you can imprint ‘I Love You’ and ‘Good Morning’ into the bread when toasting.  Use a Heart Frying Pan to cook the egg into a heart shape for added effect.

See?  By 10am you have already scored brownie points!  Why not purchase a packet of cornflakes that have a free toy, open it from the bottom and exchange the toy for a romantic gift such as a Silver Love Token set with a real diamond.  Everyone knows that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach (and pants) so a romantic breakfast in bed could be all you need to make your loved one feel appreciated and spoilt.

So what should you do with the rest of the day?  Why not create a Valentine’s treasure hunt!  Hide clues and treats around the garden, or sprinkle a path of Freeze Dried Rose Petals for your lover to follow.  Whether you are leaving love notes dotted around, chocolates or gifts, a Valentine’s Treasure Hunt is a great way to create a unique and fun afternoon!  The fact that you planned such an event in their honour, may possibly get you out of the washing up AND let you watch CSI Miami tomorrow.

Now that you have both worked up an appetite you can impress with your creative culinary skills!  Sprinkle some Red Heart Confetti on the table and dish out some Heart Shaped Pasta with a homemade sauce, followed by strawberries and marshmallows dipped in a Chocolate Fountain!

Time for a little pampering and relaxation before bed!  The 52 Weeks of Romance or Bed of Roses kits have everything you need for a pleasurable and stimulating evening in for two.  Why not sprinkle rose petals on the bed, light scented candles and treat each other to a relaxing massage before getting into a bath of colour changing Bath Pearl Lights.  Spending some quiet time together and getting to know each other’s bodies again can spark off forgotten passions and romance.  Using massage oils can help relax the body and mind, aiding the self conscious to feel more at ease and helping the masseuse to glide their hands across your skin effortlessly.  Trying to wind down after a stressful day at work can be difficult, but a foot or back massage can aid sleep and provide much appreciated ‘us’ time for many couples.

Personalised gifts can really show how much you care about someone.  Why not put some special or naughty photos onto a Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet for instance?  The frame also has a hidden stand so it can be placed on your office desk or bedside table.  When I was young, you would declare your love by carving your initials into a tree and exchanging mix tapes.  Oh how times have changed.  Relive some of that retro romance by carving a message into the Carve Your Own Card and sending it with the equally cool USB Mix Tape.  Just download your favourite smoochy crooners or rave favourites and leave in your loved ones school locker/ letterbox.  If you fancy something a little more home made then the YouDoo Dolls offer a blank canvas in which to recreate your hubby or yourself in a weird voodoo doll type way.  Iron on a transfer picture of your face, dress it up, fill it with more padding, a secret love note or lavendar.  Blue Peter eat your heart out!  Add accessories and hair to your doll before sobbing uncontrollably, as you realise you have to give your masterful creation away to someone else.

For little sentimental gestures with big impact, get a silver or gold Rolo or even a Love Heart sweet.  Each of them is presented in a presentation box, but why not take them out and place at the middle or bottom of a real roll of Rolos or Love Hearts.  A fantastic idea for those with a sweet tooth and love of surprises!

Climbing into bed at the end of a gloriously romantic Valentine’s Day…what is that on your pillow?  A beautiful Secret Message Arrow!  As if fired from Cupids bow itself, the Secret Message Arrow opens up to reveal a hidden compartment where you can pop a roll of paper with you secret love message written upon it.  What will it say?  “Will you Marry me?”… “I Love You”…or “Get your crash helmet on Love, cos your about to go through the headboard.”