Chicken Pox

All of the excitement I felt with Mrs DDWT and the kids impending arrival home – after their mini-break in Ceredigion with Nanny – was quickly dampened with a 07:30 am telephone call.

It was Mrs DDWT ringing to tell me the kids had the classic symptoms and signs of chicken pox!

I couldn’t believe it and just to compound matters I’ve booked a week’s leave next week to do lots of family things – so we had lots planned. A train trip to Cardiff, a day in Folly Farm or Dan-yr-Ogof and a couple of 5th birthday parties (which DDWT Junior had been invited too).

The thought of Baby DDWT (@ just 10 months old) having chicken pox fills me with trepidation as well. Bless her.

The missus and I had it when we were kids so we’ll be ok and I suppose in a weird kind of way it’s good that the kids have it whilst they are very young as well – as opposed to their teens or even adulthood.

Oh well time to head off to the pharmacy for some calamine lotion I think and some antihistamines for children!

Boy is it going to be a fun week off in the house of DDWT *raised eyebrows*