Celebrity greeting cards

Now Mrs T is an avid reader of OK! magazine – which incidentally I bought her a subscription to for her birthday – and I couldn’t help but chuckle this morning when its contents spilled out across the table.

There lay the marketing man’s (or women’s) dream – the ability to buy celebrity greeting cards online, where YOU are the celebrity!!

I can think of a hundred and one people whom I know whom would fancy themelves as a bit of a celebrity. Can you imagine what it’s like to be “papped” by a herd of paparazzi and see yourself all over a world renowned magazine‚Ķ?

Well, apparently now you can thanks to the celeb loving folk at Hallmark Cards and OK! magazine. There are over 20 different cards to choose from with everything from cards for your husband or your best mate’s birthday to amazing invites to make sure your party is the bash of the century!!

Here’s the promotional blurb that came with it…

Have you ever imagined having your wedding covered or announcing the birth of your baby in OK! magazine? Well now you can! All you need to do is go online and add your favourite photos as well as headlines and stories and you’re away! Super stardom can be as fast as a next day delivery away!

Now where did I put my digital camera? I’m off to create my very own big scoop stories today – and my sister can be the first ‘celebrity’ headliner!