Twang goes my plan?

As I lay here on my living room floor – the reason why I’ll explain in a minute – it’s occurred to me that in just 5 days time I’ll be doing the Swansea Bay 10K. It only seems like the other week that I sent off my entry form.

Yes and why am I in my underpants on the living room floor, well it’s because I have a slight hamstring pull in my left leg and I’ve got an ice pack on it. My timing is impeccable isn’t it!

Today’s easy run of 30 minutes 16 seconds was meant to be part of my pre-10k build up, taking it easy during the last few days and just keeping things ticking over really. Aggravating an old injury really wasn’t in the grand plan.

Fingers crossed the ice pack will do the trick and after a good night’s rest – i.e. no kiddie inspired 5am wake up call – I’ll feel right as rein and ready to go about my business as normal.