Swansea City v Sheffield United – Championship 2009/2010

Even the most imaginative scriptwriter would have had difficulty dreaming this game up such was the number of twists and turns during the 97 minutes.

Before the game I had high expectations and a Swans victory – based on what I don’t know given our rather cumbersome start to the season. And so here I am merrily typing away having seen 2 Swans goals and 3 points in the bag, all against a Sheffield United team whom were in 5th place – hoorah!

I’m still baffled by Paulo Sousa’s team selections though as each week we see a different starting eleven with (to me) a distinct lack of rhyme or reason to the selection. A good example today was no central midfielder on the bench and no Leon Britton or Joe Allen on the park! We then saw Ashley Williams playing in front of the back four – in Jordi Lopez’s usual spot – and him playing in central midfield.

Ferrie Bodde did make a welcome return though which was a positive – but even that went pear shaped as he hobbled off with a knee injury. He was replaced by Lee Trundle – whom I felt did very little apart from make and take his penalty – but I suppose you could say that was enough!

I do wish he stop that bloody badge kissing routine though it really makes me sick, it’s so cringeworthy.

Just a couple of other points really…. we still the ball away too often with sloppy passes, Mark Gower was frustrating last year – he’s flipping well annoyingly useless this year and Nathan Dyer was deservedly man of the match!

Well enough of my team analysis, onto the game! Let’s see, a Lee Trundle penalty, a disallowed goal for the Blades, 2 sendings off for the Swans (for 2nd bookable offences), 7 minutes of injury time and some rather dire football in-between really.

Little wonder then that only 540 odd Blades fans made the long trip south – watching that lot play that way each week it’s hardly surprising. Mind you at least it gets them results I suppose….well usually it does!

So on the whole not bad value for money really I guess? Personally I was just glad we scored and got 3 points as boy did we need them.