2009 Swansea Bay 10K

Well after several weeks preparation that’s it, all done and dusted and in a time of 51 minutes 26 seconds. It’s been a good day and unlike other years I actually enjoyed it and managed to sprint over the last 100 metres or so, rather than amble along it!

My race number and medal

The weather was great – sunny but not too warm – and there was hardly a breeze, perfect running conditions really. So with a sub 52 minute time in my mind and the 1k target time splits on my inner arm (thanks for that tip coach!) I was well up for the challenge and raring to go come the 1pm start.

Being a closet statto I thought I’d share my 10k time breakdown with you below…

10K split time chart

As you can see I got off to a slow start – which then meant I wasted valuable enrgy trying to get back on track. This was mainly due starting off too far down the field (i.e. standing around the 55 minute marker) and then subsequently getting boxed on on several occassions. I finished strongly so I was pleased with that but kind of felt that I had more gas in the tank. Next time I’ll be sure to push the pace harder from the off and not stand so far back! Still my time was the quickest 10k I’ve done since 2002 so I’m very pleased with myself and am now on the lookout for another 10k to do. Any suggestions?

It was also great to see some familiar faces (and voices) along the route and the words of encouragement and support were a great help – so thank you all, you know who you are.

So all in all an excellent day and I even got to have my picture taken with Bertie the Bear, the winner of the Mascots race!

Bertie the Bear and DDWT

A big shout must also go out to Swansea Council for organising the event and for the scrumpious Warburtons Fruit Loaf with Orange that was part of the post-race freebies.


I can thoroughly recommend putting some strawberry jam on a few slices of the loaf and swilling them down with a cup of Kenco coffee…..mmmmmmmm.