Tree O’Clock

Today was the day that DDWT Junior tried a make a little bit of history for himself by taking part in the BBC’s Breathing Places Tree O’Clock event.

As part of National Tree Week, Breathing Places and its partners were encouraging people to plant trees in the Tree O’Clock hour – between 11am and 12 noon on Saturday 5 December 2009 – in an attempt to to create a Guinness World Record!

And here’s the evidence of him taking part…. before….

and after….

A big thank you must go to Mr. Scannel from Focus DIY in Swansea whom kindly supplied 60 trees to the school to enable the children to take part in the record breaking attempt.

So here’s hoping that enough trees have been planted to set a new Guinness World Record 🙂

But no matter if there aren’t, the long lasting benefits to nature and the environment will be enough of an achievement.