I’m still blogging…

…well just about anyway!  Today marks 5 years exactly since I did my first EVER blog post (using Blogger) and I must confess I never ever thought that I’d still be at it – albeit not as frequently.

A heck of a lot has happened during the time – both good and bad – but at least I feel that it’s all been a worthwhile, especially as it only really started out as a means for letting people know what I was up too (as I was crap at keeping in touch – and still am!).

Personally I see a blog as creating a little piece of history about yourself online and is a source of great inspiration and motivation when looking back at what you’ve done with your life – be it now or in years to come.

I’d also like to think that in some way shape or form I’ve helped others along the way, whether it was giving them motivation to improve fitness (lose weight?) or merely to change a Vauxhall Meriva pollen filter!

So here’s to another 5 years of blogging 🙂