Getting fit with Wii Fit Plus?

Getting fit with Wii Fit Plus? Well that’s exactly what Mrs T is trying to do or rather is hoping it will kickstart her to do 🙂

Today has been the first proper chance that we’ve had to give the Wii Fit Plus and it’s associated balance board a really good workout – ourselves included of course! In fact we were reliably informed by Wii Fit that it had been 16 days since we last erm, ahem, did any ‘fitness’ work. I must say though that during these 16 days we also managed to lose a 1lb each – well according to the Wii we had anyway.

Wii Fit Plus Calendar

As for the “game” itself, well as novice Wii users we aren’t able to compare the Wii Fit Plus to the original Wii Fit – except to say that the cover box blurb gleefully boasts six additional exercises to the original.

Personally we were more sold by the fact that you can setup your own specialised workout, so you can completely customise your fitness program however you want.

Wii Fit Plus Training Plan

You can also choose from aerobic and muscle exercises, yoga, balance games – heading, ski jump, ski slalom, tightrope, irritating maze, penguin game, snowboarding, meditation – and Training Plus. As you can imagine with that lot, we were knackered just reading the instructions!

Joking aside though it was great fun – even our 5 year old had a go – and it did in all fairness get the heart pumping and lungs blowing. So it got a big thumbs up from Mrs T whom is now more than happy with her new trainer partner. So if you want to have some family fun and get fit (‘ish) at the same time – get yourself a Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board.

On a final note, the hula hoop exercise had me in hysterics as all I could see in front of me was a gyrating bottom – moving with great rhythym it must be said – and strains of “I see you baby…shakin’ that ass” in my head 🙂

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