Broad Haven here we come

Phooo wee, it’s been a long day but alas we’re now tucked up and un-packed in our humble abode for the week in sunny Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire – the St. Brides Bay version not the other one!

Without doubt Broad Haven is a popular place mainly thanks to it being great for sun worshippers and water sports lovers. It’s expanse of golden sand – which links up with nearby Little Haven at low tide – make it a great place for young families and it is widely considered as one of the finest beaches in St Brides Bay.

So eager with excitement, the house of DDWT was up at 7:30 to get ready for a proposed 13:30 departure (as we were unable to use our cottage/house before 3pm). For once we actually left on time and had a relatively easy journey with no tantrums and very little traffic, the only hold-up really being the road improvement scheme on the A40 near the Blue Lagoon Water park.

The accomodation was great and we could see why it had been given a 5 star rating. The bottle of wine provided by the owners was also a nice touch!

A bottle of Turner Road Melot red wine

After unpacking, we ventured out for a walk down in order to get our bearings and check out the beach – especially with the sunset fast approaching. Although a chilly wind ensured we didn’t stay very long – but long enough for DDWT Junior to ‘fall’ into the sea and drench himself!

An evening view of Broad Haven beach

Another evening view of Broad Haven beach

With the sea air still fresh in the lungs, I then had the misfortune of drawing the short straw of deciding whom was going to do the grocery shop. I ended up in the Tesco superstore in Haverfordwest – they get everywhere don’t they – and as usual lined the pocket of Tesco far too much. At least it was a short drive of only 5 miles away.

So here I am having got back around an hour or so ago and everyone is ready for bed – it’s been a long day!