Exploring Broad Haven

An early start to proceedings today as I opted to go for an early morning run, the first of the holiday thus far. In typical fashion it was also the windiest day thus far and the hilly terrain provided me with an alternative run out to my usual surroundings.

My 35 minute run took in the main road between Broad Haven and Little Haven, as well as some of the surrounding lanes and tracks – not to mention what I can only assume is Broad Haven football club’s home ground?

The pitch of Broad Haven Football Club?

A quick shower and it was time for us all to have a much anticipated bacon butty breakfast. Not exactly in keeping with the healthy theme I know, but what the heck we’re on holiday!

Next stop was Broad Haven beach with our goal today being to walk around the cove to Little Haven – tide permitting (unlike yesterday).

This is Little Haven as viewed from the beach

Thankfully a quick check on the Pembrokeshire tide tables via the internet on my mobile meant that we knew we’d have to be well on our way before the low tide at 11:30 am.

Although Broad Haven beach is wonderfully sandy there are enough rock pools near the coves to the south and north ends of the beach to make them an intriguing destination for kids of all ages (including big ones like me).

One of many rock pools

A close up of one of the rock pools

More rock pools!

With the sun beating down on us in what felt like the hottest day of the year thus far and the kids starting to flag it was time to make a hasty retreat to the house for some much needed refreshments – but not without stopping for a dollop of Pembrokeshire’s award winning ice cream from Upton Farm first though!

Upton Farm ice cream - very nice!

This evening saw a beautiful sunset and the location of our holiday home provided an ideal photograhic opportunity…

The evening sky over Broad Haven

The sun setting with amazing colour

The sunset sky