Newgale Sands in Pembrokeshire

An early start today as I went for my 2nd run of the holiday, as we’d planned on spending the best part of the day on Newgale Sands.

We’d had the idea of spending the day down on the beach after admiring it’s beauty – albeit from afar – on our trip to St. David’s a couple of days ago.

Welcome to Newgale Sands

Newgale is approximately 6 miles north of Broad Haven and has pretty much everything you’d expect of a Blue Flag beach with a long golden beach, surfing waves and stunning scenery all around it’s edge – as you can see from this video I did.

There is a free car park adjacent to the beach as well as toilet facilities and a small ice cream stall – which was closed when we were there (darn it!).

The beach was stunning and ideal for anything from sunbathing to flying a kite, or even in our case using the pebbles from the natural sea defences as a source for a sand dinosaur!!

A sand dinosaur

I’ve got to say that the credit for this bit of creativity must go to my 6 year old son – not moi!

Although the day was – or at least felt – the warmest day of the year thus far, the sea breeze/wind made it feel cooler than it probably was. Having said that, it made perfect conditions for kite flying and we duly took the opportunity to give it a bash.

Thinking back, whilst it was my son’s first attempt at flying a kite, it must have been the first time in donkey’s years (i.e. over 25) that I’d had a go and it was great fun! In fact I’d forgotten how much fun flying a kite was/is 🙂

Taking a stroll on Newgale beach

Despite a sumptous alfresco lunch, it was apparent that by late afternoon that the sun had taken it’s toll on us all and with enrgy levels flagging it was time to head home to recharge the batteries.

Given the clear blue skies, we made a brief stop on the way back to Broad Haven at Maidenhall – an ideal picnic spot a couple of I hasten to add a couple of miles south of Newgale – to admire the stunning coastal views from a higher vantage point.

Welcome to Maidenhall

Newgale Sands from a distance

The view looking south from Maidenhall

By now my face felt like a pair of brand spanking new leather shoes… and it was a surprise that I didn’t stop any traffic on the way back – such was the red ‘ish amber glow to my complexion!

Thankfully Mrs DDWT’s moisturiser came to the rescue and I’m hopeful of a reduced and non-blistered facial glow tomorrow morning!