Swansea Race for Life 2010

The ever popular Cancer Research ‘Race for Life’ came to Swansea once again today and it marked the very first “organised” 5k run that my Mrs had ever taken part in.
Proof I did it

Several months ago – well May to be precise – Mrs DDWT had mentioned how much she’d like to get into running – especially seeing as I’d caught the ‘running’ bug. So we sat down and thought of a way forward…

That’s where the ‘Race for Life’ came in and what better way to start running than to support a charity for something which was close to our hearts.

Cancer had claimed the life of my Dad and no doubt countless members of other families across the length and breadth of the UK and indeed the world.

So the goal was set – to run the Swansea Race for Life. This meant that not only would Mrs. DDWT get fit but as we had personal reasons for supporting a charity, it would also give her all the more drive and determination to achieve her goal.

Given her lack of running, she’d also set herself – what I’d call an extremely modest – target of £75 in sponsorship money. And here’s a shameless plug for anyone who’d like to – even if it’s only a £1!

The future's bright - the future's pink!

As you can imagine, our two little ‘uns and I were immensely proud to see Mrs DDWT on the starting line today. The stunningly pink site of thousands of women doing their bit for such a wonderful charity was fantastic and spurred everyone on I’ve no doubt (aided by some tub thumping music!).

More pink...

Here’s a short video clip I took when the “race” started (see if you can spot yourself ladies) ….

Some 37 minutes or so after the start we were cheering Mrs DDWT over the finishing line in a time well under her target of 40 minutes!

At the end of the day though, as she rightly said, it wasn’t about her time – it was about the taking part and feeling part of such a great and touching occasion.

The personal messages that adourned the back of every participant was testament to how much cancer has touched so many lives and for this reason alone it was wonderful to see so many women of all ages, shapes and sizes taking part.

So well done Mrs DDWT and ALL of the other women who took part, you should be extremely proud of yourselves.