Dan’s Stag Day – The Prologue

Tomorrow is a big day for a certain Daniel Bennett as it’s his stag do. Fair play, the lad’s got sense making sure he has his ‘blow out’ well before he gets married to Laura on September 3rd 🙂

Our Dan is an avid Swansea City fan (like myself) and is a season ticket holder in the affectionately known ‘ASBO stand’ (AKA Tesco stand) at the Liberty Stadium. Thinking about it, I suspect that given the Con-Dems decision earlier this week to abolish the ASBO (in its current guise at least) then the stand will have to be re-named… hmmmm… answers on the back of a banning order please. Anyway, I digress.

He shares a passion for disliking Cardiff (anything and everything), football officials and his 5 year old nephew beating him at penalties. He also had a tendency to get rather irate at the football – usually at Gorka Pintado’s striking ability or the officials. Personally, I think the constant sucking on Trebor’s extra strong mints has something to do with it, but he denies this vehemently.

So there’s your background on the stag and an insight into some of the likely banter for the day.

Talking of banter – the whole reason for this blog post – is that I’ve been assigned the task of media correspondent for the day, which will involve providing online updates of the day’s events… from a sensible start to a messy finish no doubt – and the obligatory (censored) epilogue afterwards of course.

I’m hopeful of many a tweet, twitpic or twitvid – so if you fancy a gander then simply follow me. I’m also going to try and start trending the #dansstag hash tag on twitter – but I suspect I won’t get far with that unless my followers/blog readership help out… HINT HINT 🙂

In all seriousness though, I hope it’ll make interesting reading as part of the day will involve doing a tour of the Gower and it’s numerous country pubs – cue some culinary, historical and beer related info, or at least that’s my plan. You never know on trips like this if you’re going to unearth some real gems (in terms of food/beer).

All sounds a bit sensible for a stag do – well yes it probably is, but part of the reason for this (from my perspective at least) is that I really can’t drink very much alcohol (i.e. > 3 pints) without sounding like a complete bumbling f*ckwit! Some people might say I sound like that anyway, but that’s a different story.

The fun kick’s off at Sam’s Cafe on St. Helen’s Road at 10:30, am before our official transport arrives at the Wig and Pen at 11:45. This is when I suspect the majority of the party of 25 plus – myself included – will arrive. I had hoped to disclose a picture of our t-shirt attire for the day on this very blog, but alas for reasons of secrecy I am unable to do so. I’ll be sure to post a picture tomorrow though!

Our first scheduled stop is the Royal Oak in Penclawdd before embarking on our own ‘Tour De Gower’. For those left standing/walking/talking it’ll then be onto Wind Street by approximately 8pm – which is when I’m sure we’ll really have the urine extracted out of us due to the t-shirts.

And there you have it, the prologue to what we all hope will be an epic day for Dan the Stag.