Children in Need 2010

BBC Children in Need - Pudsey BearPrior to today, I’d not undertaken any fundraising challenges for Children in Need for several years but I now remember how much fun it was!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a 10 mile run in fancy dress by some of the guys I know from work – whom I know from our regular lunchtime training runs.

If memory serves me correct, they’d undertaken the same challenge to raise money for Children in Need over the last 3 years – each time dressing up as women!! Which if I’m brutally honest had put me right off joining in.

But this year was different – as everyone could dress up as whomever they wanted – I immediately opted for Father Christmas. Simples.

Well it would have been simple if it were not for one small issue. Upon checking my fancy dress outfit last night, I couldn’t help but notice a rather large gaping hole between the legs of the Santa trousers! This would have no doubt increased the potential for chafing as well making my nadgers assume the role of shrivelled prunes for the afternoon.

After some ranting and raving, my memory recalled the time when I’d “modelled” a Darth Vader outfit belonging to Victor Lesbos – whom incidentally had told me it was a surprise bedroom outfit for his wife’s birthday. I didn’t like to enquire any further…
Darth Vader Costume

One quick phone call and short car journey later, and I was in the possession of the very same Darth Vader fancy dress outfit.

We all gathered at Swansea’s Civic Centre to have our photo’s taken and by 12:15 were we on our way, armed with one donation bucket and lots of jelly babies for energy!
The Children in Need 2010 fancy dress running team

Our route would take us all the way along the path that hugs Swansea bay right the way down to the lifeboat house in Mumbles, at which point we would turn around and head back to the Civic Centre – a nice 10 mile round trip.

I’m glad to say that it wasn’t long before we started having lots of silverware donations from the various people we encountered along the way. Our spirits were boosted further by the seemingly constant honking of horns from the passing traffic – which I assume was in support of our combined fancy dress effort, rather than our 3 Baywatch babes 🙂

After donation collecting stops at The Junction Cafe, West Cross Inn, Ripples Cafe and the White Rose – all of whose customers (and owners in some cases) we very generous, we arrived at the lifeboat house in Mumbles in just over an hour.

So after a quick intake of water and some jelly babies, we were off on the return leg of our journey.

However, as with seemingly most charity events nowadays, there is always someone whom doesn’t exactly get into the spirit of things. For the 2nd year in succession, that someone turned out to be Verdi’s ice cream parlour in Mumbles. Let me explain to you why…

Two members of our party went into Verdi’s to ask the manager – after showing him some identification – if he minded them asking the customers if they would like to make a donation for Children in Need. He declined (which is fair enough), but when asked if he would like to make a donation on behalf of Verdi’s instead – he also declined! We were left both shocked and aggrieved by his stance.

Once outside and having heard the news, several of us couldn’t help but burst into a brief chant of “There’s only one Castellamare” – which for those whom don’t know is a rival business in Mumbles!

When an elderly gentleman can give a £10 note to us when we are running along, yet a well established, profitable business can’t even give a pound, I do wonder what the world is coming to. There is a strong temptation to mention this little episode to the local rag to see what their take on it is. No doubt Verdi’s will stump up some cash then in order to avert more negative publicity.

The misers from Verdi’s however were soon forgotten, as once again the numerous people whom were out and about in Mumbles were more than generous in their donations.

We finally completed our 10 mile journey at around 14:15, which was quite good considering the number of stops and the fact that over half of the participants had never run more than 3 miles let alone 10!

At the time of writing, the amount of money we’d raised hadn’t been calculated but I suspect it was nearing the £500 mark with everyone’s individual effort.

If you haven’t donated, but would like to, they can can still make a donation online.

So thank you to everyone whom took part, supported us and most of all those of you whom made a donation – it is very much appreciated and no doubt will help some child somewhere have a happier and healthier life.