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The Sweet ClubNow being someone whom has an extremely sweet tooth I am, as you can imagine, a big lover of sweets.

In years gone by, a shopping trip to the high street also meant a visit to Woolworths or a good old-fashioned sweets shop for a big bag of pick ‘n’ mix sweets.  Cola bottles, pear drops, fruit salad, black jacks, candy necklaces, jelly beans – you name it and I’d have tried it!

Sadly, the demise of these high street shops meant that I had to take my quest for retro sweets online and this is where I came across the rather cool concept of The Sweet Club.

As the name suggests, the Sweet Club is just that – an online sweet shop where as a member, you get to choose from hundreds of different and old-fashioned sweets.  The sweets are then delivered to your door (home, work or wherever) once a month or fortnight, it’s your choice of what and when.

The way it works is simple, you choose your 8 packets of sweets online and they get delivered in an attractive red box, with each pack of your chosen sweets individually wrapped and labelled – which is handy should you get your different flavoured bonbons mixed up!

The Sweet Club selection box
My Sweet Club selection box

New Sweet Club members also get to try the ‘Introductory Sweet Box Offer’ of a their chosen sweet selection box for Just £4.95 including FREE delivery.

This is a saving of £5 off usual price of £9.95 and there’s also no on-going committment to buy again – but after trying them, I’m sure you will!

Right now I’ve described how this online sweet club works, it’s time to talk about the important bits – the sweets themselves.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, my 7 year old son helped me choose which packets of retro sweets we bought.  The choice of sweets was huge ranging from candy to fudge, chocolate to liquorice and even sugar free sweets!

Pear Drops
My favourite - Pear Drops

Top of my sweetie shopping list however were the legendary Pear Drops – my all time favourite hard boiled sweet.  Their long lasting flavour, tinged with a little sour kick once at the core, really keeps me wanting to pop ‘just one more’ into my mouth.

Once they’d been added to the shopping cart, it was time to satisfy my son’s craving or rather curious need to try some Bubble Gum!  This was quickly followed by his new found favourite – ABC Letters.

This was rather amusing, as not only did he love the sweet, crumbly candy taste, but also the fact that he could spell out words with them as well.  Who said sweets were bad for you 😉

Candy Letter sweets
Learn the alphabet with sweets!

After a quick consultation with my wife, some more of the traditional sweets were added to our pack of 8, in the shape of Chocolate flavoured Bonbons, Orange Chocolate Nibbles, Jelly Beans and her all time favourite hard boiled sweets Rhubard & Custard.

Rhubarb and Custard
The REAL Rhubarb and Custard

She wasn’t disappointed either and remarked how “they taste as good now as they did when I was a teenager” – which without wanting to incur her wrath – I’ll say was only 20 or so years ago… give or take a year.

So here I am now writing this – having spent most of the week munching my way (with the family)  through lots of different sweets – down to the last packet, the Mixed Selection.

Some old fashioned retro sweets
Retro sweets anyone?

We’ll savour it that’s for sure – especially as it’s the last one – but not before making a visit to to see what other wonderful selection of sweets our new found retro sweet shop can provide us with.

And whilst I slowly let this solitary fizzy cola bottle disintegrate in my mouth, I might start following The Sweet Club on Twitter or start entering some of the sweet competitions run on The Sweet Club Facebook page in the hope of winning or finding a discount code for my next shop.

Right, now where did those other sweets go…..

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