Mrs Cupcake makes gorgeous cupcakes

Mrs Cupcake - Homemade CupcakesWe’ve never been ones to buy special occasion cakes from the big supermarkets, always preferring to order them direct from the local bakery shop.

But as with anything in life, it’s nice to have a change every now and then, so we were intrigued when our next door neighbour told us about the stunning birthday cake and specially made cupcakes they’d had made for their son’s 4th birthday.

The cake was made by a local lady from Swansea, better known as Mrs Cupcake.  After hearing of our neighbour’s rave review, I was curious to find out more and went to see what was being said about Mrs Cupcake on Facebook – which is where my neighbour first heard of her.

It quickly became obvious that these were pretty unique cupcakes.  There were loads of pictures and comments from people commenting on cupcakes they’d had made for all manner of occasions – new baby, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, christenings, wedding cupcakes and even thank you cupcakes for teachers!

Now being of sweet tooth (as I’ve mentioned previously in my blog) it didn’t take me long to head off over to the Mrs Cupcake website to get in touch with her and place an order.

With my order placed, I couldn’t wait to see if these homemade cupcakes – which everyone was raving about – really were as nice as everyone had said.

I’d ordered a box of 6 cupcakes (tempting though it was to order 12!) which comprised of 3 different flavoured cupcakes – vanilla, lemon and chocolate.

Given that it was the whole family that was going to be munching the cakes, I thought it best to get a mixture – just to keep everyone happy.

A couple of days later my cupcakes turned up and I was mightily impressed.  The cupcakes arrived in a pretty giftbox complete with hand tied ribbon and were actually hand delivered by Mrs Cupcake herself!

Cupcake giftbox

We even got to meet Mr Cupcake (who was driving) and what a lovely, friendly couple they were.

Cupcakes selection box

Tea time couldn’t come quick enough as we were all eager to taste the picture perfect cupcakes which smelt as enticing as they looked.

Being the gent that I am, I decided to let the ladies have first choice on what flavoured cupcake they’d like to try first – whilst at the same time secretly praying it wasn’t the chocolate ones!

Thankfully my mam, wife and daughter chose to try the lemon and vanilla ones respectively.

Lemon cupcake
Lemon cupcake
Vanilla cupcake
Vanilla Cupcake

My son and I took care of the chocolate cupcakes, but not before sharing a slight (and I mean slight!) slither of each with the girls just for them to have a taste.

Chocolate cupcake
Chocolate cupcake

Everyone remarked how soft and light the sponge of each cupcake was and how the toppings added the right balance of sweetness and flavour to give the cupcakes a perfect mix of taste and texture.

Gorgeous homemade cupcakes

The general concensus from all was “MMMmmmm”  quickly followed by “Do you mind if I try that one?”.

Whilst none of us could agree on which was THE favourite out of the 3 flavours, we were all in agreement on one thing – that Mrs Cupcake sure does make some exceedingly gorgeous homemade cupcakes.

And with Halloween and Christmas fast approaching, I’m rather tempted to place a few more orders, but not before trying to win some cupcakes by following Mrs Cupcake on Twitter first!

So all in all, everything I’d read and heard about the homemade cupcakes from Mrs Cupcake was spot on and I’d recommend ordering some special cupcakes for that special occasion – or just because you love cakes.

And if you’re not happy with the cupcakes, then I’ll happily take them off your hands and eat them for you 🙂