An evening with Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers in 70's sitcom pastiche mode
Lisa in 70's sitcom pastiche mode

Regular viewers of BBC Two Wales’ Sports programme ‘Sports Wales’ will no doubt be familiar with the name of Lisa Rogers.

You know the one I mean – that sexy, sassy blonde who either presents the programme or interviews a variety of Welsh sporting stars. Don’t be fooled by her cheeky smile and sultry looks though, this girl knows her rucks from her mauls and her 4-3-3’s from her 4-5-1’s.

She is amongst the new breed of female sports presenters – Jacqui Oatley, Gabby Logan and Sue Barker to name a few – whom add some much needed on and off-field insight (and female input) into the predominantly male orientated games of football and rugby.

Their glamour of course, just adds some welcome eye candy to proceedings – especially for us fellas.

Fortunately for me, Lisa was kind enough to take some time out from her busy TV/Radio (and family) schedule to do an interview and give me the lowdown on her love of sport as well as one or two other interesting snippets!

Probably best known for her regular appearances in any compilation of the ‘Sexiest Women in Wales’, it was Lisa’s 6 year stint as co-presenter of Channel 4’s popular cult series ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ (during the mid-noughties) that really threw her into the TV limelight.

It’s fair to say that no matter what her vocation (or location) Lisa always had an insatiable appetite for sport.

DDWT: You grew up in a rugby-mad household but are a self confessed football fan. What’s your favourite game really – the oval or the round ball?

LR: I’d rather watch a game of football, (bad games of rugby are truly dreadful) but what’s in my DNA is rugby. It’s about having the piss taken out of me when I was 5 for being Welsh and being able to say to the English kids, “but our rugby team thrashes yours”. Or words to that effect. That said, I’ll watch any sport. Although I struggle with cricket. Can it really be classed as a sport when they stop for tea? Surely that’s more of a pastime? (My Dad’ll kill me for that).

DDWT: As a female TV/radio sports presenter, have you ever fallen foul of that old fashioned and outdated cliché that “What do women know about sport…”?

LR: I think deep down inside many men still view me as something of a novelty and can’t believe that I really do love and understand sport.

DDWT: As a sports fan and someone who is consistently voted as one of Wales’ sexiest women, you’re most men’s dream dinner date. But how would you describe yourself?

LR: Absent minded. What did you ask again?

DDWT: You’re stranded on a desolate Caldey Island without a monk in sight, what are the 3 things you’d most want with you?

LR: Bottle of champagne, packet of condoms and an unnamed grand slam winning rugby player. Obviously in this make believe scenario, this man would be single, but I know he isn’t, so I’d just like to assure his Mrs that in real life I would never, ever hit on him.

DDWT: Despite being Cardiff born and bred, rumour has it that you’re an Arsenal fan?

LR: Firstly, I’m not Cardiff born and bred, I’m from Monmouthshire – don’t believe everything you read on the Internet! When I first moved to London, I lived 2 stops away from Highbury, with a friend whose entire family were Arsenal fans. It stuck. And when I was brought up in Monmouthshire, football just didn’t really figure. I got into it to be a rebel I think, I certainly didn’t have any affinity with a ‘local’ team. Although I found out about a month ago, that my grandfather (who died before I was born) used to take my Aunty to watch Newport County. So I guess if there’s a team I ‘should’ support, it’s Newport.

DDWT: You recently tweeted that you thought Nasri had a nice bum, so presumably other than David Ginola’s hair what other footballers’ (or their attributes!) have caught your eye?

LR: The comment about Nasri having a nice bum was actually a comment of the tendency of news reporting to focus on the banal at the expense of important, but potentially controversial, news stories. Just for the record I’ve never seen Nasri’s bottom. Generally sportsmen aren’t my type (although there are exceptions to the rule). I tend to fall for creative, intellectual types. Love a bloke in spectacles.

DDWT: Over the past few years you’ve interviewed quite a few Swans players for BBC’s Sports Wales programme. Which interview has been your favourite and why?

LR: I can’t choose a favourite Swans player interview…that’s like asking to choose my favourite child. Although Nathan Dyer and Scotty Sinclair are both adorable.

DDWT: You once gave Paulo Sousa a chocolate bunny and have referred to Brendan Rogers as ‘Moses’. What are the former and current Swans gaffers really like?

LR: When did I refer to Brendon Rodgers as ‘Moses’? (DDWT: In one of your tweets). Ok, so Roberto Martinez is a gent… polite, gracious and lovely. Paulo Sousa is charming and just a little bit flirty, and Mr Rodgers is the man I’ve met from the world of football I have the most respect for. I believe he has real integrity, both as a manager and a man. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

DDWT: Have you ever been to watch a Swans game? If so what sticks in your mind the most?

LR: Play off final Wembley. There are no words. What a day.

DDWT: In sporting terms, what would be your ideal fantasy scenario over the next 5 years – World Cup qualification for Wales, Arsenal winning the champions league or something else?

LR: Wales winning the rugby world cup. For the last 2 weeks of last years world cup I was waking up at all hours in a state of hyper excited tension. And it took me a good couple of weeks to get over the disappointment of them being knocked out by bloody France!

If you’d like to know more about the sport loving, straight talking Ms Rogers, then you can follow her on Twitter.  In all seriousness, she is one of the few celebrities I’ve come across whom is actually worth a follow – if only for the innuendo (immature I know!).