Google knows if you’re married

married?Most internet users take Google for granted and see it as the font of all knowledge when it comes to any web related search these days.  And who can blame them, you type in what you’re searching for and hey presto there it is (8 times out of 10) top of the list… well when you looked below the ads it is anyway.

The more experienced web users will know that Google knows a whole lot more about their, our, your web browsing habits (far too much actually) but that’s a story for another day.

But I bet very few of you knew that Google can tell if you’re married or not?!  Yes, believe it or not it’s true, Google DO know if you’re married.

If that isn’t scary enough, it can even tell you to whom and when you pledged your undying love to one another.  They’ll even throw in a few pictures and some (good/bad) news related items about your marriage for good measure too.

If you don’t believe me, take a good look at the screen grab below:

Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran Married

As you can see from the screen grab, there’s good old Steven Gerrard and his lovely WAG Alex Curran, whom tied the knot it 2007.

Fear not however, as Google doesn’t have the marriage records of everyone – unsurprisingly, it only appears interested in the more famous people who inhabit this earth.  So unfortunately a search for John Jones (of Aberystwyth) won’t bring up his marriage details ‘Google style’.

Now you’re probably wondering how the hell did I stumble across this quirky Google search feature, well it came about by accident when I was researching some domain name registrations and associated keywords (the SEOs and domainers amongst you will know what I’m on about).  Honestly.

So try it for yourself and see, simply use the search term “firstname surname married”.  For example, give the search term “robbie williams married” a whirl.

One other ‘funny’ about this feature of Google is that if you click on the ‘Show Details’ bit below the marriage info, it asks if it’s accurate or not.  Given the ratio that some celebs go through weddings that could be quite interesting!

Have a go yourself and let me know of any funny details you find when looking to see who’s married.

By the way, the longest marriage listing I could find belonged to Elizabeth Taylor….. 🙂