Father’s Day Competition Winner

Fathers Day PoemHaving been spoilt rotten by my two kids (and wife) for Father’s Day yesterday, I started my working week off with a spring in my step and an imaginary puffed out chest of pride…. “I’m the Daddy” springs to mind!

Yet another quick glance of the poem my nine year old son wrote (shown opposite) and which now sits proudly on my office desk, inflated this feeling of emotion even further.

No doubt any loving father – or mother for that matter – will agree with me when I say kids have a wonderful way of making you feel all gooey emotionally and yesterday was no different.

And yes, I know they also have the knack of winding us up on occasion too!

So why am I telling you all this?

Well last month, Affiliate Window (the UK’s leading affiliate network) in conjunction with On The Beach launched a Father’s Day competition on Facebook whereby you simply had to share “the embarrassing, funny, interesting or just plain strange things that dad says”. 

The winning entry would receive a £500 holiday voucher to spend at On The Beach and the runner would get some goodies from Kinetica Sports.

It immediately made me think of some recent ‘banter’ I’d had with my son…. which duly became my entry into the competition – much to his disgust!

Fathers Day Competition Winner

After submitting my entry, I didn’t think much more about it and must confess to probably having completely forgotten about it, were it not for the occasional reminders from Affiliate Window about the competition.

With a memorable Father’s Day having come and gone yesterday, you can imagine my surprise this afternoon when my phone gave out it’s usual twitter beep alert and I was confronted with this on the screen….

OMG – I couldn’t believe it!  Thankfully an email arrived from Affiliate Window’s Sarah Ruzgar confirmed that I wasn’t losing my marbles or indeed imagining things – I had actually won the £500 holiday voucher.

When I told everyone the news – they we over the moon too and funnily enough my son no longer minded me singing any Taylor Swift songs.

My wife on the other hand wasn’t so keen on the idea of using the voucher to go and watch Swansea City play in the Europa League… *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Competition Winner”

  1. Hi Duncan,

    Just stumbled across this, great post! Glad we could help make Father’s Day 2013 a little more special for you.

    Where did you end up taking your family?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Yes you certainly did made it an even more memorable Father’s Day!

    We’re off to Catalonia later in the year – so will be sure to blog about it when the time comes 🙂

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