Swansea City 2013-2014 Season Holiday Planner

Swansea City European Tour
We’re all going on an European Tour
The release of the fixtures for the 2013-2014 football season saw football fans up and down the country bouncing with excitement, expectation and hope for their teams fortunes this year.

They also posed another problem for those fans with families, awkward shift patterns, upcoming weddings, stag do’s, hen parties, etc.

So as someone whom falls into one of those categories above (family for clarification!) I thought it might be useful to help a few of you out with some holiday planning – particularly if you’re a Swansea City fan like me.

What with the Premier League, FA Cup, Capital One Cup and now the Europa League, the Swans have (potentially) the busiest playing schedule they’ve ever had in their history.

So in order to help you all plan your holidays or whatever, here is a breakdown of all the key dates (subject to change of course!) you’ll need for the new season – including the school holidays… highlighted in yellow.

Swans Fixtures 2013-2014 Season

If you’re wondering why I’ve used nicknames, etc for the teams it’s because I don’t want to incur the wrath of the football authorities for copyright infringement.

Secondly if you do decide to nick this information all I ask is that you acknowledge the source please – either with a link to this page or via twitter @ddwt 🙂

Anyway, I hope you found this planner useful, if so please share it for others to plan their holidays too!

Oh and if you’re from the FA or Premier League…. I know nothing guvnor!

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  1. Great idea to post this, just a quick word from me the 14th May is the Europa League final, the Champions League is on the 24th.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Joshua – I’ve now corrected the table with the correct date 🙂

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