Pedalling from Paris to Swansea

Paris 2 Swansea 2014Having previously documented how my cycling (and running) had gone out of the window during 2013, I was determined that I wouldn’t suffer a similar fate this year!

Being an extremely competitive person, I have always loved a challenge and I genuinely believe that setting yourself a target (regardless of its size) is an essential step for focussing the mind on achieving that challenge.

And this is where the Paris to Swansea bike ride fits in nicely with that ethos.

Organised by Sarn Helen Cycle Events the four day Pedal Paris 2 Swansea bike ride covers over 320 miles of picturesque roads from the stunningly romantic Eiffel Tower in Paris to Swansea, Wales’ Waterfront City.

More importantly, every penny raised by those brave souls who have signed up for the challenge goes to Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Swansea.

To this day I have never cycled more than 72 miles in one ride!  This is despite having an entry on my ever growing bucket list to “cycle more than 100 miles in one ride”.  You can quickly see why cycling 80 miles for four consecutive days appeals to me.

Whilst I have no physical problem with doing the distance, I am curious how I’ll deal with the mental challenge of getting up at silly o’clock each morning and thinking “I’m going to have to cycle another 80 miles today”.  John Wayne springs to mind!

The bottom line however is that whatever pain or emotion I go through during the ride will be worth it, as every penny I raise will go to helping Maggie’s Swansea Centre to keep on delivering the essential emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends.  That is something worth going through the pain barrier for.

Having personally gone through an emotional journey brought about by the loss of my Dad to cancer in 2008, I fully appreciate the importance of the wonderful services provided by Maggie’s centres not just in Swansea but the UK as a whole.

The Pedal Paris 2 Swansea ride will not only give me the physical challenge I’ve missed over the last 12 months but more importantly it will help me settle a mental score with the disease that took my father away.

These are the reasons why today I signed up to the Pedal Paris 2 Swansea 2014 Challenge and pledged to raise at least £1,500.

If you would like to support me with this challenge then please make a donation – even if it is only £1 – via my JustGiving sponsorship page.