Duncan Thomas AKA DDWT
I’m DDWT aka Duncan Thomas

So who am I exactly?  Well I’m a forty-something dad of two (one boy and one girl) whom loves his family, his football – Swansea City to be precise – and his training, preferably cycling or running with some weight training chucked in for good measure.

That doesn’t sound very intriguing or interesting so far does it? So what else can I tell you about myself…

Well, I’m a self confessed anorak, whom spends (according to my long suffering wife) far too much time dabbling on the internet.  The reason for this is partly due to my job – I’m a web manager by day – but also because I love all things technical.

My dream (you’ve got to have one of those) is being self-employed one day and completing my bucket list… but that’s another story!

[Edit: As of April 2013 this dream came true and I now run my own web design agency]

When not crossing things off my bucket list, I enjoy writing and photography, not to mention getting as much fresh air as possible – as being in front of a computer too much makes me a dull boy!

Let’s see, what else can you expect from my blog apart from my random ramblings?

Well you might see the odd picture or two, as that is something else which I enjoy doing, there’ll be some jokes and even some rants – especially when the mood takes me (like dodgy football referees or crap customer service!).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if the urge takes you then feel free to leave a comment or get in contact, I’m always open to offers even if payment is only made via packets of chocolate hobnobs 🙂

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