Night time lightning show

Last night I witnessed what can at best be described as the most amazing show of lightning I can recall in my 40 odd years on this planet!

Never have I seen a storm like it, with the lightning literally lighting up the sky all around for over two hours, but even more bizarrely, without a hint of thunder.

The storm seemed to be covering the Swansea, Amman and Neath valleys all at once, which made perfect viewing for us all, looking from our various upstairs windows.

Being a keen photographer, I have always wanted to capture a lightning fork through a lens. Last night gave me – what I thought – would be the perfect opportunity to achieve this… sadly it didn’t go well.

Failing miserably to capture a still shot, I was forced to admit defeat and resort to capturing the storm via video instead and then extracting the still images from the video using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Here are some of the better stills from the 30 odd minutes of footage I took!