Party number 2

Party day number 2 kicked off with me paying my usual visit to the weighing scales. 16st 8lbs – not pretty reading this week with a 3lb gain and more frustration due to the niggly little groin strain which I have. I’m faced with a daunting task – cut back on my 2nd favourite pastime (i.e eating) until I can train properly again. Oh happy days NOT.

We were all feeling a wee bit tired to say the least after yesterday’s celebrations, but at least DDWT Junior was more than happy with his lot and the prospect of more – with the visit of more relatives today (especially his little cousins with whom he has so much fun).

Thankfully a reduction in the visitor numbers meant that we had a far smaller task on our hands in preparing the party food and given the travelling distance (from Aberaeron) – the duration of the stay would also be shorter. In theory this should have meant we went to bed early, but (as usual) it didn’t!!

We ended up watching a film called “Goal!” (about football much to Mrs DDWT’s displeaure) – which was basically about a young American soccer player whom wanted to be a professional footballer. Added to the plot Anna Friel (the eventual ‘love’ of said player) and it turns out to be quite an ok flick to watch – the Mrs words not mine! It wasn’t worth losing sleep over though (especially when faced with the prospect of screaming kids in the morning).