Movember Mo Bro

Today is the start of Movember, a month long charity challenge to raise awareness and funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

After deliberating for far too long last year, I missed out on the opportunity of taking part – so I made damn sure this time around that I’d be a ‘Mo Bro’! The ‘Mo’ is slang for moustache, and in November each year they come together for Movember.

The Movember challenge is for men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health at the same time by growing a moustache. Those of a non-hairy disposition or frequent shavers (like me) will I’m sure testify how difficult this challenge would be.

Joking aside however, I have personal reasons for supporting the charity – especially as I lost my Dad to the big C a few years ago. Many men aren’t very aware of prostate cancer or perhaps more importantly the signs of it. Until a few years ago I was one of those men.

The startling statistic that one man dies every hour in the UK from prostate cancer should be a sobering thought for anyone and I’d recommend having a read of the information about the illness on The Prostate Cancer Charity website.

So please consider supporting Movember in any way you can – whether it’s promoting the campaign, making a donation, or simply helping to promote the fundraising pages of people whom are doing the challenge via Facebook or Twitter.

Here are a range of Mo’s kindly provided by Men’s Health magazine – I’d welcome any suggestions as to which one I should grow. The one with the most votes (via the comment form) will win.

Mo guide from Men's Health magazine

Whatever happens, I’ll keep you all posted on how my ‘Mo’ grows over the next month and whether or not it means my wife temporarily giving me a wide berth!

Just for the record, here is my clean shaven start for day one 🙂

Movember Mo Bro - Day One
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  1. Porn Star will just make you look like a valleys boy buddy 😉 I reckon that face was destined to wear a ‘trucker’ matched up with a lumberjack shirt. Vote TRUCKER peeps.

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